Why We Do The Things We DO

Why do we do the things we do? Good question right? Why does my brother-in-law put up a video almost daily of the same person. The woman can not sing or dance. The woman is not pretty. She smokes cigarettes and thinks it is cool.

Why do I love to play online sweeps? My guess would be to win something, anything. I would hopefully win big one day. Why do I need to win big to get me out of this hole I am in Why am I in a hole? I am in a  HOLE because I have the worse luck around. I make the wrong choices. Why do I make the wrong choices? Who knows? It is just in me I guess.

I watch people who have a good life. The people that have a good life are usually bad people. They are greedy people . They are people that give back nothing to society. They are the people that have affairs on their wife’s or husbands for years. These people abandon their families and don’t help out their elders.

Who am I you ask? I would give my enemy my last dollar. I don’t have many of them either to give. I would stop and help a poor animal even though I know it might bite me. I would do anything and everything to help someone.

I have a halo of bad luck following me around. I always have and no matter what I do I can not keep it at bay. I have a bad life. There are some people who say you get what you give. Really I give a lot and get nothing back. I have tried so hard to better myself. There is always some kind of roadblock in the way.


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