Back To Life

Today is back to life day. I have to go back to work after having the weekend off. I have a boring job that is the same every single day. Matter of fact a wrote a children’s book like my life.My job is greeting nasty attitude customers all day. They have the worst attitudes around. It is not my fault as to what is troubling you. Now the dogs are being irritating one keeps slamming the door in the other ones face. Neither one knows how to open the door. The big one Midnight yeah she was already given the cat name when I got her, she takes her big nose and shuts the door in the other ones face. Midnight is very comical and smart. I think the dog spends all day thinking of what she can get into. Well enough said about my dog.

Today is also the first day of the semester for my daughter. She was not looking forward to going. I really have to give it to her though she is still going to school. I want one day for her to do what she has always wanted to do. What you may ask? A nurse really a doctor but she says she can not handle going to school that long. My other daughter always wanted to be a teacher since she could talk. She would line up her sister and all of their stuffed animals and teach them. I think her sister learned a few things but as for the stuffed animals NO. My daughter is now a special education teacher and loves her job. She went to school and worked while raising three kids. Yes I am a proud Mama.

I have many things to be thankful for. One I am alive. The doctor told me years ago that I would die in three years. Well I decided to quit smoking since my lungs were what was killing me. Now 12 years later my lungs barely show signs of the disease I was dying from. Miracles do happen and smoking is a killer. I am thankful for my kids and family. I do not have friends I keep to myself.. I lead a very boring life. I am not married and don’t  think I will go that route again.

My wish is to one day find something anything to make me happy. Don’t get me wrong I am not depressed just not happy.

Here is the link to my book I only sold a couple of copies it cost so much. I did write the book and the pictures are also all mine.


5 thoughts on “Back To Life

  1. Midnight sounds like a special one, haha! 🙂

    Cheers to your strength in raising two fine daughters!

    And don’t let those nasty customers steal your joy. Your heart sets you apart from them and I admire your patience in that arena. I wouldn’t be able to do that job from the sound of it!

    Have a wonderful day! It’s only 8 hours and you get to get back to your lovely family! Dog kisses, dinner, and relaxing evening! ❤️


    • Thanks Just Me! Midnight is a special one she is very vocal and tells me when she wants something. She is a rescue I was keeping her for someone until we found her a home. Then I fell in love and she is the smartest most loyal dog I have ever owned. So glad I kept her. I I do get back to alot of dog kisses.

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  2. Just remember, Susan, the time you spend away from your job will be a dull routing only until you choose to do something different. Maybe start with a small thing to break the routine. It really is up to you. 🙂


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