Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I wake up and I have so many thoughts in my head. Will I have enough gas to get to work? Why do I still work at that place? What am I going to eat for lunch? Am I ever going to live comfortably? What is this damn dog going to get into today? Why won’t this damn dog leave me alone and let me sleep another hour or so. Why does this dog shut the door so much? Why can’t she shut the door when other people are looking? No one believes she can shut the door. Why do I keep getting a cold? Why can’t I breathe good? Too much thought and so little time to relax the brain.Why did I divorce my husband?

I know the answer to a couple of these questions. Yes I will have enough gas , yes I will have fajitas for lunch. I divorced my husband because he was an ass. HE threatened to take my kids if I did not sign over everything to him.I am so happy without him. I also did a good job alone with my children. All are grown and doing good.

Now as to the dog she is a pain but I love her. Why she insist on waking me up I still don’t know. Why she shuts the door just when I’m looking I don’t know. That is something I will work on. She is so smart and I want everyone to see. Maybe she doesn’t want anyone to see. What is my dog doing now you wonder. Well lets just say Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.


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