Missing You BigBrother

Today is your birthday, what a day it would have been. 

Just to tease you about how old you are getting

I miss you so much. I thought I was growing

used to the ideal of not having you around.

I feel so bad because I forgot it was your birthday

Then I saw the date it was so big looming before me

I realized what it was and thought just another day.

Then the tears started sliding down my face.

I thought why am I crying I have’nt cried in years

I thought I was all better but today I miss you more than

I have in years. There was no one else like you in the world.

You did the best job a big brother could ever do.

I hate the day God took you it was one of the worst days 

of my life. I know crying won’t bring you back if it would

you would have been here along time ago. I love you Donnie and 

one day we will be together and I will once again see your smiling face

I will hear your annoying laughter that used to drive me crazy. 

That now I crave to hear. I miss you so.






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