About me well lets see…. I come from a small town in North Carolina. A town which I seem to be stuck in.. Yes I can not leave why you ask…My mother is up in age and I can not leave her for fear she will not be here when I return. Oh yeah also because I have no money to get out of here. I am single was married along time now divorced. I have 4 children all grown. I also have 6 grandchildren. I am not really that old just started young.

I love to create things especially out of paper.I love books. I also love writing. Let me see I also love money even though I have none. I use to hate people… Now I enjoy some of them. I hate large gatherings they make me want to run away. I also love to take pictures and wish I had a nice camera but I don’t. Right now all I own is my camera phone.

I love animals I have 2 dogs. One a chiweinie that is 12 and no matter how many baths he has he still stinks. I have been trying to get rid of that smell for 12 years. I also have a Dalmador. She is a pain in the buttĀ I’ve had for two years. I was only keeping her until I could get rid of her but she grew on me. She is very smart and always at my feet.