That Day

That day I’ll

remember forever

It was the day

I saw you across the way.

It was then

that I promised to endeavor

And find a way

To decide there

would never be another

Especially when

our eyes locked

on to each other

I knew you

were the one

that could make

my heart sing

And to me

your love

you would bring.


Just another poem I wrote awhile ago.




When I Saw You

When I saw you

the other day

I looked the other way

I wanted to tell you

I’m still here

That I will always be near

I wanted to tell you

how I feel

That I am in love with you still

I wanted to see your smile

But I wasn’t willing

to go the extra mile

I wanted to reach out

and touch you

And not feel so blue

But then

I looked at your face

and remembered

your disgrace

I know because of the love

you did lack

For me there would be

no turning back.  


A poem I wrote along time ago



Back To Life

Today is back to life day. I have to go back to work after having the weekend off. I have a boring job that is the same every single day. Matter of fact a wrote a children’s book like my life.My job is greeting nasty attitude customers all day. They have the worst attitudes around. It is not my fault as to what is troubling you. Now the dogs are being irritating one keeps slamming the door in the other ones face. Neither one knows how to open the door. The big one Midnight yeah she was already given the cat name when I got her, she takes her big nose and shuts the door in the other ones face. Midnight is very comical and smart. I think the dog spends all day thinking of what she can get into. Well enough said about my dog.

Today is also the first day of the semester for my daughter. She was not looking forward to going. I really have to give it to her though she is still going to school. I want one day for her to do what she has always wanted to do. What you may ask? A nurse really a doctor but she says she can not handle going to school that long. My other daughter always wanted to be a teacher since she could talk. She would line up her sister and all of their stuffed animals and teach them. I think her sister learned a few things but as for the stuffed animals NO. My daughter is now a special education teacher and loves her job. She went to school and worked while raising three kids. Yes I am a proud Mama.

I have many things to be thankful for. One I am alive. The doctor told me years ago that I would die in three years. Well I decided to quit smoking since my lungs were what was killing me. Now 12 years later my lungs barely show signs of the disease I was dying from. Miracles do happen and smoking is a killer. I am thankful for my kids and family. I do not have friends I keep to myself.. I lead a very boring life. I am not married and don’t  think I will go that route again.

My wish is to one day find something anything to make me happy. Don’t get me wrong I am not depressed just not happy.

Here is the link to my book I only sold a couple of copies it cost so much. I did write the book and the pictures are also all mine.

Why We Do The Things We DO

Why do we do the things we do? Good question right? Why does my brother-in-law put up a video almost daily of the same person. The woman can not sing or dance. The woman is not pretty. She smokes cigarettes and thinks it is cool.

Why do I love to play online sweeps? My guess would be to win something, anything. I would hopefully win big one day. Why do I need to win big to get me out of this hole I am in Why am I in a hole? I am in a  HOLE because I have the worse luck around. I make the wrong choices. Why do I make the wrong choices? Who knows? It is just in me I guess.

I watch people who have a good life. The people that have a good life are usually bad people. They are greedy people . They are people that give back nothing to society. They are the people that have affairs on their wife’s or husbands for years. These people abandon their families and don’t help out their elders.

Who am I you ask? I would give my enemy my last dollar. I don’t have many of them either to give. I would stop and help a poor animal even though I know it might bite me. I would do anything and everything to help someone.

I have a halo of bad luck following me around. I always have and no matter what I do I can not keep it at bay. I have a bad life. There are some people who say you get what you give. Really I give a lot and get nothing back. I have tried so hard to better myself. There is always some kind of roadblock in the way.